Welcome to El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe

Venetian and Byzantine glass mosaic mural by Sam Leyba funded by the Northern Río Grande National Heritage Area.

This non-profit organization, dedicated to preserving, protecting, and promoting the Hispano art, culture and traditions of Northern New Mexico, is organized as a Center of Hispanic Culture and Learning.

El Museo’s programs emphasize participation and inclusion of the entire community. Exhibitions and performances are accompanied by workshops, lectures, and support presentations, to promote learnng and educational activities. Its programs nurture and support the arts and cultural education, and underscore the value of economic benefits available through the arts.

Located in the heart of Santa Fe Railyard property, this 31,000 square foot warehouse facility houses galleries, exhibition spaces and a theater. There are ongoing activities plus space is available for rental for events such as our own winter market.

El Museo Cultural Library Collection

El Museo Cultural is developing a reading library with volumes acquired through various donors.  We are pleased to announce a cultural slide collection has been included as part of this library for use by the community. Those interested in slides of places near and far, historic areas, cultural events and the like are welcomed to view the slides as a resource for teaching presentations and discussion groups. We have available a slide projector and slide carrousels to load for presentation.
If you are interested, please contact El Museo Cultural to set up a time for viewing.

El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe Mercado

El Museo Cultural is reopening our Mercado (Arts & Culture Market) on Saturday, June 20, 2020. We are extending our 2019/2020 season until August 30, 2020. We are opening every weekend, and are following Board Guidelines to comply with COVID-19 Safe Practices.

The Mercado offers an interesting mix of products for your shopping experience. These include local, national and international folk art, antiques and memorabilia. You can find rugs, weavings, tribal and global fine art, and a wide range of fine jewelry.

The Mercado is located inside El Museo, which is in the historic Railyard District. We are located directly across from the Farmer’s Market. Admission is free, parking is easy and the experience is truly unforgettable!

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You are Invited!

Whether you enjoy music, plays, art or taking a class — we invite you to come visit El Museo and enjoy one of our many activities.