International Slide Collection

As part of its permanent collection and library, El Museo houses an extensive slide collection generously donated by Mr. Earl Kessler and Mrs. Shari Kessler. The Kesslers compiled this collection, which contains thousands of images shot in every continent, through their over 50 years of documenting travels and work around the world. 

The collection is arranged by country, and provides visual information about celebrations, culture, living spaces, communities, as well as the documentation of disasters and recoveries, pivotal moments in history, and testimony to sites which have changed drastically over the last half century. 

Professors, researchers, K-12 teachers and students are invited to browse the collection or incorporate it into a syllabus, class project, visit or presentation. The subject matter is particularly well suited to the disciplines of anthropology, history, social studies, international relations, foreign languages and literatures, sociology, education, urban planning, and global health. Mr. Kessler is available by request to present and speak on the collection itself. On site, el Museo provides a light box and workspace to browse the slide collection. 

Please email if you would like to set up an appointment or are an educator interested in the slide collection in your teaching.