The Gallery at El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe

Almost every month we have a new show in our Gallery. We have held the Winter Market for Contemporary Hispanic Market, a Dia de Los Muertos show by Oscar Lozoya, a three-person show featuring Armando Adrain-Lopez and we’ve hosted Huera or Not, a two woman show dealing with mixed cultural heritage and how it affects the individual’s art.

The shows are open to the public during the hours we are open. We will handle your sales but it is the responsibility of the show participants to hang their show, host their opening, and send out their press releases

Interested in having a show at El Museo?

We are always open to show proposals. We will have you fill out an event proposal form and submit it to El Museo. Your proposal will be reviewed and you will be notified if it fits with our schedule. Contact us at for more information.